August 12, 2017

Veeba Products - A Review

Veeba is a fairly young and one of the leading condiments and sauce company in India with a strong focus on quality and innovation.

Veeba products are made using the finest ingredients resulting in an awesome taste. It is a healthy choice as they are lower in calories, hence an absolute essential for all foodies. All their products are FSSI approved.

In this fast paced life, everyone is in a hurry to carry out with their routine and yet want to relish something delicious instantly without much effort and hassles. So, we lookout for instant recipes which are easy to make, tasty and healthy too.

Now this dream of creating and devouring instantly yummy recipes has come true with Veeba - guaranteeing taste, health and comfort. Veeba has launched a wide range of products in the category of mayonnaise, sandwich spreads, sauces, salad dressings and dips. Each of these products comes in varied flavors like:

- Mayonnaise comes in eggless, classic, burger, chilli, mint, garlic and olive oil flavored

- Variety of sandwich spreads like thousand island, cheese and mushroom, carrot and cucumber, pizza on a slice to choose from.

- Italian sauces for different taste palate like white pasta, pasta and pizza, pizza topping, marinara pizza and pasta sauce.

- different sauces like harissa, sriracha, peri peri, chilli oregano.

- many salad dressings to choose from like chipotle southwest, vinaigrette, thousand island, ceasar, ranch.

- yummy dips like salsa, tartare, garlic chilli, cheese and jalapeno

- mustard lovers can choose from honey mustard, english mustard, american mustard sauce

Recently, I happened to try some of their products and I was really amazed with the quality and taste of each one of them. I now make instant pizza with bread using the pizza pasta sauce for my kid for his evening snacks and saving lot of time. I've also used their other sauces in making many recipes like stir fries, rolls, pizza, pasta, burgers, wraps, puffs, sandwiches and in salads.

Make your every meal interesting and innovative using veeba products just like me. You can find them at your nearest store or order online at

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