September 19, 2017

FSSAI License For Food Business in India

If you are a Food operator in India, then FSSAI license for your food business is mandatory.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is an autonomous body established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. FSSAI has been established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 and aims at protecting and promoting public health through the regulation and supervision of food safety.

Are you planning for doing your FSSAI Registration or FSSAI license for your food business, then do read below a few important FAQs to have an overview of FSSAI license or registration procedure.

1. What is Food License?

Food License is a government certificate issued by FSSAI department to commence and carry on any food-related business.

2. What are the types of License / Registration?

License / registration are of 3 types:
  • Basic Registration
  • State License
  • Central License
3. Who all requires Food License?

FSSAI License is mandatory for all Food Business Operators including all manufacturers, re-packers, traders, retailers, wholesalers, suppliers, transporters, importers and exporters, etc.

4. Which type of License I require?

License / Registration type depends on the annual turnover of the food business. Please refer to the below explained License category for more clarification.

5. Does start-up also require FSSAI registration / License?

Yes, it is legally  mandatory for all food business start-up to get FSSAI license / registration to commence their business.

6. What is the difference between State and Central License?

Type of License depends on the nature of business and its annual turnover/ production. A Food Business Operator can refer to our below license categorization to identify the correct License.

7. Can a caterer starts its business with basic registration certificate?

Registration certificate are not valid for caterers. They at least require to have State License irrespective of its turnover.

8. Can I operate on multiple stores with one License?

Separate license needs to be issued on each location basis on their annual turnover.

9. What are the criteria for registration?
  • Registrations are granted to small or petty FBOs whose annual turnover does not exceed Rs. 12 lakhs.
  • Registrations are usually granted by Registering Authority who may be Designated Officer or Food Safety Officer and / or any official in Panchayat, Municipal Corporation or any other local body or Panchayat in an area, notified by the State Food Safety Commissioner.
10. What are the documents required while applying for a registration?

The documents required while applying for a Registration are:
  • Application in Schedule-1
  • Fees @ Rs. 100/- per annum
  • Address proof (Government documents like Voter ID card)
  • Photograph of applicant

Registration Card should be exhibited at a prominent place of business premises.

11. Which kind of business should be selected?

A Food Business Operator can select any kind of business from the following list:
  • Dairy units
  • Vegetable oil processing units
  • Slaughtering units
  • Meat processing units
  • 100% export oriented units
  • Importers
  • Fish / meat / poultry shop / seller
  • Food catering services in establishment and units.

12. Which license is required by a food business operator to run a food business in more than two states?

Food Business Operator operating in more than two States has to get Central License for its registered Office / Head Office and separate license / Registration for each units depending upon the capacity / turnover from the concerned State / Central Licensing Authority.

13. Who will issue license to food business operators under railways premises?

FSSAI License / Registration for food premises under Railways are issued by the Railways Designated Officers / FSO notified by Food Authority from time to time.

14. Who will issue license to food business operators under Airport / Seaport premises?

FSSAI License for food premises in Airport / Seaport are issued by APHO / PHO notified by Food Authority from time to time through online FLRS system.

15. How to renew your license / Registration after expiry?

FBO cannot renew his License or Registration if it isn't applied within 30 days from the expiry of license / registration. Once license / registration is expired, the FBO has to apply afresh.

16. In what circumstances application will be rejected?

Licensing Officer can reject application in case when the required information isn't provided within the specified time for 30 days.

17. Do medical stores need to get license in case they are selling any kind of dietary foods and Neutraceuticals?

All the FBO together with medical stores have to get FSSAI license / registration.

18. Whether NOC from FSSAI is vital for export?

NOC is not required to be taken from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India for exporting food products from India.

19. What are the requirements for License of different kind of activities at same premise?

FSSAI license is a premise-based license. Multiple kinds of activities can be carried out at the same premises and can be endorsed in the single FSSAI license.

20. What are the kinds of complaints or grievance that can be addressed to FSSAI or State Authorities?
  • Complaint related to violation of the provisions of Act and Regulation.
  • Food Adulteration
  • Food poisoning
  • Food contamination
  • Misleading labelling and packaging
  • Misleading advertisements
  • Licensing and registration related grievances
  • Counterfeit products
  • Sub-standard quality of food products
  • Unhygienic conditions and malpractices by FBOs
  • Queries / suggestions related to ban of certain food products (eg. soft drinks, pan masala, etc.)
  • Unauthorized use of food ingredients

21. What is the fee for modification of license?

Any change that alters information contained in the license certificate (Form C) shall apply for modification of license with fee equivalent to 1 year license fee. No fee is required for modification of non-Form C details.

Well, these were some of the important frequently asked questions in obtaining a license from FSSAI for food businesses operating in India.

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